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I am a .NET developer who primarily developed web and stand alone apps using C# since beginning of my career. I am now interested to learn RPA so which RPA tool is best for me to learn where I can use my .NET skills more.

I came to know from Google that we can use C# in code stage of Blue Prism but nothing much about other famous tools like AA, UIPath, OpenSpan etc.

I understand that its best to select RPA tool based on requirements but I'm not looking that far as I haven't got a chance to work on a RPA project yet. I'm only looking from a .NET perspective. Thanks!
Oct 1, 2018 in RPA by bug_seeker
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Blue Prism is a good tool to start learning RPA with, but as Andrzej already pointed out: it's not free. Not even a little bit!

AA is mainly javascript and vbs and also very expensive!

UIPath, however, is free! (for small enterprises). The coding is in VB, which is .NET's predecessor. UIPath is also growing and used (currently) mostly in Eastern Europe (as far as I know).

In my opinion though: you're a developer. Whatever RPA tool you'll pick up is going to be child's play as there's very little coding involved among the more popular RPA tools.

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answered Oct 1, 2018 by Priyaj
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Hi! You can try Rpa Suite for Visual Studio is the only RPA that is developed 100% from C #. From other tools C # is invoked, but from Rpa Suite you develop the process entirely from C #. You can see how it works in this video https://youtu.be/-tDwGBoqopw. You can download it from the microsoft store at this link

This tool is for profesionals, for profiles 100% programmer

answered May 10, 2019 by AndrewNJ

Hey AndrewNJ, thanks for sharing details about this new tool. I agree with you that RPA Suite is like the only tool which completely uses C# for developing automation processes. But, this tool can only be used by proper C# professionals, unlike UiPath tool can be used by non-IT professionals too.

Hi Adha! RPA Suite is commercialized since 2013 and is designed for professionals, it is fully programmable from C#, Java, Visual Basic, Python, Javascript … all languages compatible with Windows..  But obviously, to develop a robust and quality process programming skills are required

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