Security Auditor roles and responsibilities

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What will a Security Auditor be required to do in this job profile?
Jan 3 in Career Counselling by Kapoor
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A Security Auditor tasks vary depending on the company he/she is working for and the project assigned to him. Below, I am listing the generic tasks he/she will be required to do one or more of the following tasks at different times of his job period:

  • Plan, execute and lead security audits
  • Inspect the efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance of operation processes and make sure they are under corporate security policies and related government regulations
  • Accurately interpret audit results against defined criteria
  • Create a written, and verbal report of auditing result
answered Jan 3 by Ghata
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Hello Kapoor, a Security auditor has following roles and responsibilities:

  • Create a process for security audits across the entire network

  • Inspect the company’s current plan and make changes where necessary

  • Create exams for IT personnel to evaluate company skill set for security

  • Interview employees to assess current security procedures

  • Document current security procedures and distribute new policies to managers

  • Asses current risks and create steps to secure vulnerable systems

  • Translate security audit results to company documentation

  • Develop best practices for security procedures

answered Jun 10 by Kundan

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