Git push vs git push origin

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What's the difference between git push and git push origin?
Dec 13, 2018 in Git & GitHub by Hannah
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hey @Hannah, 

Basically git push implicitly pushes to your work to a remote repository, with the assumption that it already exists. By default this remote repository is the origin.

In case of git push origin, it explicitly specifies to be pushed into a repository called origin.

Git push origin is usually used only where there are multiple remote repository and you want to specify which remote repository should be used for the push.

answered Dec 16, 2018 by anonymous
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Git push is mostly used to publish uploaded local changes to a central repository. After a local repo has been modified a push is executed to share the modifications. 


git checkout master
git fetch origin master
git rebase -i origin/master
# Squash commits, fix up commit messages etc.
git push origin master
answered Apr 23 by Barbara
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In simple words git push command updates the remote repository with local commits. The origin represents a remote name where the user wants to push the changes.

git push command push commits made on a local branch to a remote repository.

The git push command basically takes two arguments:

  • A remote name, for example, origin
  • A branch name, for example, master


answered Apr 23 by Hiran

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