Xamarin and hockeyapp for DevOps

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I am trying to implement devops with xamarin and hockeyapp. Basically, we would like to automate the build process for all platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). When we look for this we can see that it goes with continuous delivery and integration. It means that the compilation will be automatically sent to HockeyApp after the code enters.

However, can we go in other way instead of CI/CD? Like through power shell script to automate the deployment. How can we do this from VSTS ?

Mar 27, 2018 in DevOps & Agile by DragonLord999
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You can use Jenkins instead, It has Hockeyapp Plugin which allows you to upload your build to youre users. But I think there maybe a Hockeyapp plugin for VSTS too.

here's an article demonstrating that: blog.entelect.co.za/view/9973/using-hockey-app-with-jenkins-for-continuous-mobile-app-deployment

answered Mar 27, 2018 by DareDev
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HockeyApp integrates with Visual Studio Team Services or Team Foundation Server to streamline development, management, monitoring, and delivery of your mobile apps.

Hope this blog will help you.

answered Oct 12, 2018 by Hannah
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