Disabling bluemix email notifications devops services track and plan

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Ever since my team started using the track and plan feature of Bluemix DevOps Services, we've been getting a lot of email notifications. I'd like to stop this email service. Is there a way I can do this in Track and plan configuration or at least tone it down a bit so that we receive only the important notifications.

Aug 6, 2018 in DevOps & Agile by shubham
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Follow this guide to stop getting email notifications:


  1. Find your name on a full page workitem and click on it (could be in created by, subscribed, mentioned in a comment, ...)
  2. You'll land in a page that has your profile and some license information...ignore that. Take the URL from the browser window and paste it into a text editor or some text buffer somewhere. e.g. https://hub.jazz.net/jts08/admin#action=com.ibm.team.repository.viewUserProfile⁢emId=_yyeAwKGKEeSa6LqyswPPCA
  3. Go back to the Track&Plan view click on "Track & Plan" drop down and select the "Project Dashboard". You should now have a URL that looks like: https://hub.jazz.net/ccm08/web/projects/dleroux%20%7C%20TestNewSprint#action=com.ibm.team.dashboard.viewDashboard
  4. Take the action portion from URL in 2 and replace the action portion of the url in 3 giving you something like: https://hub.jazz.net/ccm08/web/projects/dleroux%20%7C%20TestNewSprint#action=com.ibm.team.repository.viewUserProfile⁢emId=_yyeAwKGKEeSa6LqyswPPCA
  5. Navigate to the URL...select "Mail configuration"
answered Aug 6, 2018 by ajs3033
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