AWS Career for Non-IT person

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I belong from Non-IT background. I wanted to know as can I make my carrier in AWS?
Nov 12, 2018 in Career Counselling by Jino
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Start with the Youtube videos for clearing your concepts on Cloud Computing technologies.

After having a brief idea about Cloud Technology. Start with Youtube AWS channels they have the best videos and will clear all your doubts. If you are confident enough then make a free AWS account and apply all the concepts learned while watching videos.

Buy an AWS course from Edureka or Linux Academy and apply those concepts on the AWS console with your account.

Start with giving a certificate AWS certified Cloud Practitioner. Join a company and learn some new concepts. You can also get many reading materials and case studies from the AWS website.

answered Nov 12, 2018 by Priyaj
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Yes, anyone can learn AWS. AWS doesn't require any pre-requisite for learning AWS.

You can start by watching Youtube videos and reading documentation and different tutorial blogs. You can also enroll yourself to online classes by edureka, udemy, coursera.

All the best for starting your journey with AWS.
answered Feb 26, 2019 by David

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