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As part of the process of shifting a rather complicated organization's on-premise structure to the cloud, I've begun designing the networks (VPC, subnetworks, and so on).

I read and completed the required courses to become an associate engineer through the supplier GCP. The classes I've taken, however, only give you the possibilities; they don't go into detail on the technical requirements of performing anything like this.

I was a senior backend developer before becoming a full-stack developer. Unfortunately, I don't have all of a sysadmin's highly interesting and useful information.

Here is our situation:

  • VMs located on-site in multiple racks and only accessible through a VPN
  • There are several GCP Cloud projects.
  • There should only be two of them connecting to the on-premise VPN, but there may be more.
  • Using VPC Peering, some projects can observe each other's resources (VMs, SQL, etc.).
  • Eventually, we'll stop using on-premise software unless we come across a legacy application that is seriously broken.

Now, I could simply set up a new VPN connection for each project by going to Hybrid Connectivity -> VPN, but I'd want to establish a project specifically for setting up the VPN gateway and letting other projects access those resources.

Is this a feasible arrangement? Is the design sound? As far as the VPN creation is concerned, it appears that I'll need to build a virtual machine (VM) that will expose an IP acting as a gateway; if that's the case, I was considering employing VPC peering to let other projects enter the on-premise VPN. I have no idea if I'm speaking nonsense. I'm currently a little confused because I'm still awaiting some information (IKE shared key, etc.) before making any attempts.

Nov 7, 2022 in GCP by Tejashwini
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You must consider the following factors:

Cost: It will be expensive if you set up a VPN for each project and you need to quadruple your connectivity for HA. It's more affordable if you only have one gateway project.
Cheaper implies a compromise. VPNs have 3Gbps of bandwidth available (Cloud Interconnect also, but higher and more expensive). Take caution at this point if all of your projects utilize the same VPN as a result of mutualization.
I advise using VPC Peering, specifically 1 VPN project and others with VPC peering, if you want to mutualize, at least for DEV/UAT projects. Be cautious when choosing your IP range for peering. If this interests you, I wrote an article on it.
Shared VPC is also an option, which is fantastic! However, other products have less compatibility (the serverless VPC Connector for Cloud Function and App Engine, for instance, isn't yet compliant with shared VPC).
answered Nov 8, 2022 by Ashwini
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