ExcelJS wrapText in Table columns

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Is there a way to get wrapText working for columns in a table? I'm trying the following and it's not registering in excel.

const columnsStyle = { font: { name: 'Arial Black', size: 12 } };
const columns = [
            { name: 'PO#', style: columnsStyle, alignment: { wrapText:true } }
                name: 'name',
                ref: `A${lastRowNum}`,
                columns: columns,
                rows: rows,

I've also attempted to include the word "alignment" in the "style" object, however, doing so causes an error when opened in Excel. (Excel claims there was a creation issue because the table looks different and lacks wrap text.) 

const columnsStyle = { font: { name: 'Arial Black', size: 12 }, alignment: { wrapText:true } }; const columns = [ { name: 'PO#', style: columnsStyle, } ];

I also want to get all cells in these columns of the table wrapped too. Does anybody have any idea on how to do this? I looked through the documentation several times and couldn't find anything concrete.

Note: I know I can do ws.getCell(ref).alignment = {wrapText:true} and so I tried looking at the table object to see if I could get a reference of all the cells in it, loop through them, and set the alignment. But I was not able to get cells in the table.

Sep 29, 2022 in Others by Kithuzzz
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I implemented a workaround by detecting what rows the table was contained in and then looping through every row, and then every row's cell. Then finally setting the wrap text on every cell.

//Record where the table starts
const firstTableRowNum = SOME_NUM;

//Create the table
    name: 'someTable',
    ref: `A${firstTableRowNum}`,
    columns: columns,
    rows: rows,

//Record table's last row
let lastRowNum = ws.lastRow.number;
const lastTableRowNum = lastRowNum;

//Loop through all table's row
for (let i=firstTableRowNum; i<= lastTableRowNum; i++) {
    const row = ws.getRow(i);

    //Now loop through every row's cell and finally set alignment
    row.eachCell({includeEmpty: true}, (cell => {
        cell.alignment = { vertical: 'middle', horizontal: 'center', wrapText: true };
answered Sep 30, 2022 by narikkadan
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