Kubernetes livenessProbe http result

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We have an http livenessProbe setup which returns a 500 if service is faulty and prints out what the problem is.
Is there any way to view the output that was returned by livenessProbe?

Currently the only thing that I see doing pod describe:

Killing container with id docker://12568746c312e6646fd6ecdb2123db448be0bc6808629b1a63ced8b7298be444:pod "test-3893895584-7f4cr_test(524091bd-49d8-11e7-bd00-42010a840224)" container "test" is unhealthy, it will be killed and re-created.
Sep 5, 2018 in Kubernetes by Hannah
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Sadly there is no way to access HHTP response in case of failed HTTP probe.
answered Sep 5, 2018 by lina
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inititally i thought there could be a way and i tried the following

func DoHTTPProbe(url *url.URL, headers http.Header, client HTTPGetInterface) (probe.Result, string, error) {
    // ...
    body := string(b)
    if res.StatusCode >= http.StatusOK && res.StatusCode < http.StatusBadRequest {
        glog.V(4).Infof("Probe succeeded for %s, Response: %v", url.String(), *res)
        return probe.Success, body, nil
    glog.V(4).Infof("Probe failed for %s with request headers %v, response body: %v", url.String(), headers, body)
    return probe.Failure, fmt.Sprintf("HTTP probe failed with statuscode: %d", res.StatusCode), nil

But it doesnt work

answered Sep 5, 2018 by Kalgi
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