how do i to forward domain com to www domain com at godaddy for s3 hosted site

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I have:

1) signed up for an aws account
2) set up buckets for and
3) enabled website settings in properties for each domain
3) set bucket policies for both domains
4) created this cname record:
www >

Right now when a user goes to, they see the index page, and everything is working just fine. When they go to, there is nothing but darknenss and silence because the page just doesn't load (and gives 'connection timeout' error. )

What I want is for to forward to so that no matter what the user types in the browser, they see the site that is located at

  • How do I make this work?
  • Can I add a record of some kind at godaddy to make redirect to
  • Do I have to get a static ip to make this work using s3? I keep reading about an elastic ip from ec2, but I am not understanding how I can set that up, or how it would work since I am not using ec2 at all for my website.

Please help a newbie out!

Mar 9 in Others by Edureka
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1 answer to this question.

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Go to and enter your username and password.
My Account can be accessed by selecting it.
Click the Launch button next to your domain within the Domains product.
"Forwarding: off" should appear in the Domain Information column. Next to it, select the Manage option.
A dialogue box titled Forwarding and Masking should appear.
To continue, press OK.
answered Mar 10 by gaurav
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