I have worked in IT field for 9 years but after 2016 due to my family issues i cant continue working now I am searching job how can i get job after long gap

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I have worked in IT field for 9+ years, but after 2016, due to my family issues, i cant continue working, now, I am searching job, how can i get job after long gap
Sep 20, 2020 in Others by Saravanan
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Hey @Sarvanan,

There's nothing to lose hope. Sometimes's life goes in unpredicted ways and you can't do anything else but go with the flow.

I too had a gap of 2 yrs after my first employment. But now I'm back in the game.

All you have to do is catch up with the latest technical skills as the IT sector is hopelessly dynamic. Work towards gaining some very demanding skills like Python, Data Analytics, Machine learning, Cyber Security, etc. Build on your communication skills and also brush up on your previous skills. In my view doing certification and a mini-project kind of thing can take you places.

Once you have built a strong skillset start applying to the companies.

All the best!
answered Sep 21, 2020 by Sirajul
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Hi, @Saravanan,

Let me tell you one thing first, it's never too late to start a career, once you have knowledge no year gap can bother you from getting a job. There are companies who check the background of candidates,though you have a genuine reasion. 

I would advise you to start working on the domain you were working before if you feel like going back to the same domain, as you have an experience working on that. Side by side apply for jobs.

To make you resume a bit strong start researching the latest technology which is on demand in market. Start to make your hands dirty to learn and be the master as nothing is impossible in life, you can achive anything if you want.

One more advice would if you can start doing freelancing, now in this covid situation it is on high demand that there are 100's of platforms where there is a demand for technical freelancers. You can work as an instructor and teach them.

Decide on which way you would like to go and grab it.

Hope this helps!!!

answered Sep 21, 2020 by Gitika
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