Why to choose DevOps

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Dec 14, 2021 in DevOps & Agile by Vaani
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Reasons why you should choose DevOps are listed as:

Time Saving : Because DevOps focuses on improving communication between development and operations teams, it results in a shorter development cycle time by increasing the frequency with which code is released into production.

Bug Fixing faster : Because of better communication and collaboration across many sorts of departments, DevOps can handle issues quickly. When all stakeholders are involved in locating the cause of the problem, the entire process is unavoidably sped up. A team may also make minor code changes more often by using the Continuous Integration technique. They also test on a regular basis utilising automated methods and tools, which aids in keeping the code "green" (defect-free).

Increased efficiency: Change management effectiveness is closely connected with DevOps progress, as seen in the State of DevOps 2020 Report. A fantastic example is an increase in team efficiency. As a company's DevOps deployment progressed, the respondents concluded that change management effectiveness was steadily growing.

Better Communication : DevOps relies heavily on the agile methodology. DevOps is a method that makes the life of development and operations teams simpler by promoting cooperation, iterative development, modular programming, and breaking large code bases into smaller parts.
answered Dec 14, 2021 by Neha
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