Tensorflow on Google Cloud Platform

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Which Google Cloud Platform service is the easiest for running Tensorflow?
Aug 1, 2018 in GCP by shams
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There are a few ways to run Tensorflow:

  • CloudML
  • Datalab
  • and It can also be done manually
For Manually using Tensorflow:
  1. Create a project
  2. Open the Cloud Shell (a button at the top)
  3. List machine types: gcloud compute machine-types list. You can change the machine type I used in the next command.
  4. Create an instance:
gcloud compute instances create tf \
  --image container-vm \
  --zone europe-west1-c \
  --machine-type n1-standard-2
  1. Run sudo docker run -d -p 8888:8888 --name tf b.gcr.io/tensorflow-udacity/assignments:0.5.0 (change the image name to the desired one)
  2. Find your instance in the dashboard and edit the default network.
  3. Add a firewall rule to allow your IP as well as protocol and port tcp:8888.
  4. Find the External IP of the instance from the dashboard. Open IP:8888 on your browser. Done!
  5. When you are finished, delete the created cluster to avoid charges.
answered Aug 1, 2018 by kurt_cobain
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