Creating an alpha cluster using GKE on Google Cloud Platform.

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What is an Alpha cluster and how do I create one using the Google Kubernetes Engine?
Sep 27 in GCP by Karan
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The term Alpha cluster means that alpha APIs are enabled, both for Kubernetes and GKE, regardless of the version of Kubernetes the cluster runs.

Creating an alpha cluster:

Node auto-upgrade and auto-repair are disabled automatically for alpha clusters.

It is not possible to enroll an alpha cluster in a release channel.

To create an alpha cluster, run the following command:

gcloud container clusters create [CLUSTER_NAME] \
    --enable-kubernetes-alpha \
    [--zone [COMPUTE_ZONE]] \
    [--cluster-version [VERSION]]


  • [CLUSTER_NAME] is the name you choose for the cluster

  • [COMPUTE_ZONE] is the Compute Engine [compute zone] in which to create the cluster. The optional --zone flag overrides the default compute/zone property set by gcloud config set compute/zone. Note: Your default compute zone must be set using gcloud config set compute/zone [COMPUTE_ZONE] or specified using --zone.

  • [VERSION] is the GKE version to run in the cluster. 

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