Using salt module tomcat for deploying war file

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I am trying to deploy war file using salt module tomcat.deploy_war but getting an error that says 'KeyError' seems like it doesn't recognize tomcat.deploy_war
Jul 11, 2018 in DevOps Tools by Nilesh
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tomcat.deploy_war is an execution module, not a state module. In general, execution modules like tomcat.deploy_war are always named imperatively.

You cannot use execution modules in states directly; instead, they are intended to be used in ad-hoc Salt commands.

On the other hand state modules are intended to be used in states and are named declaratively (by the desired end state). In many cases, an execution module has a corresponding state module -- in your case tomcat.deploy_war and tomcat.war_deployed

answered Jul 11, 2018 by Kalgi
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