Run multiple lineinfile commands with with_items

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How can I achieve the following in ansible? I want to run multiple lineinfile within a list of servers.  I want to run several similar tasks on a list of servers. I didn't get any luck using with_nested

Jul 10, 2018 in Ansible by Nilesh
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Here is the example playbook to ensure file /tmp/testfile has PROFILE set to my_new_profile and OTHER set to my_new_other on both server1 and server2:

- hosts: server1, server2


    - lineinfile: dest=/tmp/testfile regexp={{item.regex}} line={{item.replace_with}}


        - regex: ^PROFILE=

          replace_with: PROFILE=my_new_profile

        - regex: ^OTHER=

          replace_with: OTHER=my_new_other

Using dynamic group and nested loop to create two files: testfile_host1 and testfile_host2 with lines present on all servers in my_dynamic_group group created earlier in playbook.

- hosts: localhost


    - add_host: name={{ item }} groups=my_dynamic_group


        - server1

        - server2

- hosts: my_dynamic_group


    - lineinfile: dest=/tmp/testfile_{{ item[0] }} regexp={{item[1].regex}} line={{item[1].replace_with}} create=yes


        - [ 'host1', 'host2' ]

        - [

            { regex: '^PROFILE=', replace_with: 'PROFILE=my_new_profile' },

            { regex: '^OTHER=',   replace_with: 'OTHER=my_new_other' }


answered Jul 10, 2018 by Kalgi
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