Ansible Playbook for Creating a VM with OS and multiple data managed disks

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I'm trying to Create a VM with OS and multiple data managed disks on Azure. Can I please know how to write the playbook for it? Thank you

Mar 27, 2019 in Ansible by Ammie

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Hey @Ammie, Try a playbook something like this:

- name: Create a VM with OS and multiple data managed disks
    resource_group: Testing
    name: testvm001
    vm_size: Standard_D4
    managed_disk_type: Standard_LRS
    admin_username: adminUser
      - path: /home/adminUser/.ssh/authorized_keys
        key_data: < insert yor ssh public key here... >
      offer: CoreOS
      publisher: CoreOS
      sku: Stable
      version: latest
        - lun: 0
          disk_size_gb: 64
          managed_disk_type: Standard_LRS
        - lun: 1
          disk_size_gb: 128
          managed_disk_type: Premium_LRS
answered Mar 27, 2019 by Stark

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