What goes under jenkins configuration of JDK JDK 11 or the latest version I m using for selenium

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Under my environment variables I've the following variables for java:
JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-14
path  = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-14\bin

I had to install java 11 to install Jenkins on my windows 10 machine at home.  However, I'm using jdk_14 to create my selenium scripts.  How do I configure Jenkins? 

My question is under Manage Genkins->Global Tool Configuration->Under JDK Installation section, what do I enter under Name and JAVA_HOME?

Thanks in advance

Nov 10, 2020 in Jenkins by zaraaq
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It just a name. You can give any name. The main thing is the Java Home. So write down your path properly. For example, if you have Java 11, then you can write Java 11 in the name section.

answered Nov 10, 2020 by MD
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But I've Java 11 and Java 14, so which one should I use under Jenkins?



Go to your system and run the java -version command. It will show the version. Accordingly set the Java Home in Jenkins.

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