Being a Project Manager Is it beneficial to learn Business Analysis for carrier growth

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I am having a total of 14 years of experience and I am in the PM role for the last couple of years. All my experience is in the Automobile industry only.
As a part of learning new things for a carrier path, I saw & read about Business Analytics & its link with the PM role. I found some of the courses for learning BA too. Pl note, I have no experience in BA before.

I intend to do that, but I am still not very much sure if this will really help me? Whether it can really support the role of PM & support further in my carrier growth or just an add on knowledge?
Could you Pl support me?

Sep 16, 2020 in PMP by anonymous
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Business Analytics looks at the concept of the data-driven decision-making process, that is how data from various diverse sources shape the future strategy of an organization. For some sectors and industries, this approach makes sense such as were changing consumer trends, age demographics, disposable income and the number of children in a family unit have a direct outcome on the organization's business model. However, this approach can stifle creativity if this factor is not included in the business strategy.

 For the automobile industry Business Analytics is a major component of the business strategy so if you can get some support from your organizations regarding funding your learning and opportunities to apply what you learned to your own organization's business strategy.

Hope this helps!

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answered Sep 16, 2020 by Thomas Walenta

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