error saying cannot create files already exist while installing virtual machine on Virtual Box

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While installing virtual machine on my virtual box, I got an error saying, “cannot create, files already exist”.

I’ve been trying to install git-sever and git client and there’s no problem in installing git-client but every time I try to install git-server this error pops up. Can somebody help me?
Jul 2, 2018 in DevOps Tools by Hannah
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Initially even I’ve faced this problem. This is because two machines on the same network cannot have the same MAC address.

Follow these steps-

Step 1: Go to file->import appliance

Step 2: browse the VM and click next

Step 3: change the CPU to 4 and give RAM OF 2GB

Step 4: Check the box which says, “Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards” and then import.
answered Jul 2, 2018 by Kalgi
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Hey @Hannah, You'll have to reinitialize the MAC address. It is necessary if you're running the cloned vm on the same network as the original. Two machines on the same network cannot have the same MAC address. If the clone will never see the original on the network it is not required.

answered Oct 25, 2018 by krishti

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