Getting Error when trying to print IP to a file with terraform local-exec

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I am trying to print , private ip of the newly created instances into a host file locally where i run terraform from, to use it for ansible,but terraform is throwing errors, each time I modify my escape characters in the local-exec echo command.

here is the snippet where i am getting error:

 provisioner "local-exec"
command = " echo \"[servers]\["${aws_instance.seeds.*.private_ip}"\]\" >> /ec2-ansible/hosts"

expected output in the hosts file:


errors I am getting:

Failed to load root config module: Error parsing /root/ec2-ansible/ At 33:1: expected: IDENT | STRING | ASSIGN | LBRACE got: RBRACE
Failed to load root config module: Error parsing /root/ec2-ansible/ At 29:25: illegal char

Can anyone help me with this ?

Jun 22, 2018 in DevOps Tools by Damon Salvatore
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I think you go in the wrong direction for using both terraform and ansible.

In ansible, you can use Dynamic Inventory to get the host information such as private IPs easily from their tags, size, ami id, etc.

In terraform, if you need the state details and feed to ansible, recommend using terraform output to collect the information.

answered Aug 2, 2018 by Kalgi
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