remote side unexpectedly closed network connection

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Hi Guys,

I have launched an EC2 instance and able to ping from the command line. But when I am trying to access from putty it's giving an error as shown below.

remote side unexpectedly closed network connection

Even the mapping URL is refused to connect and am not able to access the site.

Aug 27, 2020 in AWS by akhtar
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A PuTTY session left idle will disconnect at a time determined by the host server. Try enabling keep-alive in PuTTY. This causes PuTTY to send null SSH packets to the remote host periodically, preventing the session from timing out.

The PuTTY client can be configured to always establish a connection that will not time out due to inactivity. To create and save a new keep-alive connection, follow these steps.

  1. Open the PuTTY application, and go to the Options panel (labeled "Category") on the left of the window.

  2. Select (click) the "Connection" item.

  3. In the ​​"Sending of null packets to keep the session active" area on the right, change the default value of "Seconds between keepalives" from 0 (turn off) to 1800 (30 minutes).

  4. Select the "Enable TCP keepalives (SO_KEEPALIVE option)" checkbox. Note: This option may not be available in older versions of the PuTTY client.

  5. On the topmost left side of the Options panel, select (click) "Session".

  6. In the "Host Name (or IP Address)" field, enter the destination hostname or IP address (e.g., "" or "").

  7. In the "Saved Sessions" text-entry box, provide a name for the session (e.g., "saved session").

  8. Select "Save".

Hope this helps!
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answered Aug 27, 2020 by MD
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