AWS Network load balancer - What is client reset count (and why is it high)

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The documentation for the various client/target/elb reset count metrics
TCP_Client_Reset_Count, TCP_Target_Reset_Count, TCP_ELB_Reset_Count)
just says they count RST packets. I tried to understand what a RST packet is, and it seems to have to do with broken TCP connections. My load balancer has a single, long-term, seemingly successful client connection. Why do I see on the order of 100 client resets per hour? I also see about 10 load balancer resets per hour, and 0 target resets.

EDIT: I just observed that increasing the size of the server instance (I'm using Farscape--increased 0.25 vCPU to 0.5) led to a 10-fold reduction in client resets per hour. The number of load balancer resets did not change.

Aug 23, 2018 in AWS by bug_seeker
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There are many reasons for an TCP RST to be sent. Some are not normal, meaning errors, and some are normal connection cleanups that the TCP/IP stack or application performs.

An example of a normal TCP RST would be a long lived connection that exceeds some time limit imposed by one side or the other. Once the time limit is exceeded the connection can be "forceably" closed which will generate the RST.

An example of a not normal TCP RST would be an application that abruptly disconnected due to an internal error.

A poorly written application can also cause TCP RST when it does not perform graceful shutdowns on the TCP socket before closing the connection.

I will guess that the behavior you are seeing is not a problem. However, to really know, you will need to do a wire trace and protocol analysis on each connection to determine exactly what is happening.

answered Aug 23, 2018 by Priyaj
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