where we are using delegates in selenium automation testing

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where we are using delegates in selenium automation testing
Aug 26, 2020 in Selenium by Sri
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Hello @Sri ,

Delegates are similar to pointers available in C++. It is basically a reference type variable that contains a reference to another method.

Further, its reference cannot be changed during the run time. It is available inside System.Delegate class. A delegate is used to handle call back function or an event handler.

It is like a pointer to a function and can be declared using the keyword delegate followed by the signature of the function.

For more detail you can refer this:https://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/csharp-delegate/#:~:text=A%20delegate%20is%20a%20pointer,can%20also%20be%20invoked%20similarly.

Hope it helps you!!

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Thank you!!

answered Aug 26, 2020 by Niroj
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hi @ Niroj,

Where exactly we are using this in automation testing . could u plz give a me some really time example.
In a real-time scenario, It is used for Callbacks.

Consider you have a long-running method and you need to check that run progress continuously. To do that we use callback using a delegate. This allows us to keep track of the long-running method.
Thanks Niroj,

But continuous monitoring we may use assertions or logs right ..?

So if u dont mind Could explain clearly.



If you want to call all methods through one navigator object instead of a lot of page objects directly.

Navigator pattern exists to do some additional things before or after or even instead of passed him methods to Page Objects.

So, you could implement Navigator pattern in C# and it uses delegates

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