What are the benefits of using Selenium as an Automation Testing tool

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Please someone suggest why selenium should be used as an automation testing tool?
May 7, 2019 in Selenium by Bindu

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Hey Bindu, Selenium is widely used as an automation testing tool as it is the simple and easy to use among all testing tools. Its record and playback feature makes it exceptionally easy to learn with minimal acquaintances to any programming language. Selenium IDE is an ideal tool for a beginners and learning users. Selenium should be selected as a testing tool because:

  1. It is a free and open source tool,
  2. Have a large user base and helping communities,
  3. Have cross Browser compatibility (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.),
  4. Have great platform compatibility (Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.),
  5. Supports multiple programming languages (Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Pearl etc.),
  6. Supports distributed testing, etc.
answered May 7, 2019 by Pratibha
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As the IT Industry is evolving the direction, that design product, and services for matching the expectations. The users in the digital age and their combined focus shift from Digital transformation to digital Excellence. The Distinction between, these two is an important factor.


Digital transformation still considered a revolutionary technique. One is pointed in world development by a high shift from waterfall depended on development techniques to the agile methods. On the other hand, Digital excellence is that comes after the digital transformation. Getting digital excellence is nothing but evolution in comparison to the revolution. With the engineering teams and products, the focus is totally a dramatic delivery. It has transformational modifications and pursuing realistic updates to the newly founded Agile Foundation.

For many organizations, testing shows an untapped source of Improvement they want. However, many companies and organizations have selected and applied modern, agile development processes with Selenium online training.

So now, we will see the testing trends in 2019.

Excellence with help of Improvement

If we have, a common thread that bonds between these trends. If any other, that will shape the face of testing in 2019. It is considered as non-stop pursuit for improving required fields to get success in the Digital Era. In addition, core testing is not total testing. It not about transferring pull requests and make correct the quality of the code. The technical work happens under the hood. However, it is completely about starting a business for continuous delivery on the promise of many and it is good to their users. Better the user experience and the end of the day that is how they get digital excellence.


Latest Testing Frameworks initiate to Emerge

The inventor of the Selenium tool and the company stay active in donating resources for its continuous development today. We have to extol the virtues of selenium as de facto standard web examination framework. That is not about any modification.

Increased Automation

If you are talking about data analytics, application performance monitoring, recovery, and testing. That is just about anything in between that the IT teams handle on a regular basis and automation with modernization. As we saw earlier, even among the companies with relatively agile development methods. The testing lags in certain cases. The speedway to finish the gap is by automation and specifically, it is just like automated testing. With automated testing, no human Interaction is needed. Only once, if the selenium or appium test script has written. For late adopter companies, automated testing catches big promise. I expect that we can see an increased Implementation as more developers look to transfer from manual testing with selenium training.

Cloud for agility and testing

The lack of agility, measurability, and cost control has avoided the organizations from doing testing earlier in the development pipeline. Cost control, measurability, agility, these all will come under the main benefits of transferring the workload to the cloud. The speed and cost control, the cloud provides to test that simply design more sense for the business.

Headless testing

To offer these efforts to shift left, we likely observe an increase in a number of companies those points towards the headless testing. This testing operated on a browser without any graphical user Interface. In the old days, the testing process is done with the process of designing a sense of the paper. To design it in a practical way, for that you require an alternate way to cross the browser testing ways. These ways were critically applied to the end of the development pipeline.

Not to mention, one that starts, you to operate tests with a dramatically high frequency and speed. That is where the headless testing comes in. It typically brings containers, rather than rotating the virtual machines. Because it contains running tests, that do not have any user Interface, headless testing and many more.

Organizations see for shifting testing left

The best way to update your testing method to follow your total agile development method. That is to organize testing in the development pipeline. An Approach referred in Development globe as shifting left. Shifting left is completely about delivering efficiency and speed. The old approach of selenium certification online testing in which the testing is conducted by the quality assurance team. At the end of the development process.

answered May 16, 2019 by akhila priya
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There is no rule we have to use only selenium for automation testing . u may use different tool like CodedUI , etc. it' s totally depends on what kind of application u r going to be automate.

we  have couple of points . why we have to choice Selenium

1) It's a open source,-- companies mostly use open sources . for paid tools we have to pay amount per user.--- 50 marks selenium is getting here.

2) it open to all languages and OS.-----20 marks adding

3) easy to learn and implement .-- 10 marks  adding

 etc ...
answered Aug 26, 2020 by Sri
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