Can we use domain based Email in Google Cloud IAM

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I'm new to GCP Cloud. I have one doubt that can i use domain based Email in GCP IAM other than gmail ?
Jul 30, 2020 in GCP by Lakshminarayanan
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Hello @Lakshminarayanan,

Yes, we can use domain based Email in Google Cloud IAM

Actually there are 2  types of (Google) user accounts: [your-name] and those created by an organization for its users For example, Google uses Google identity internally and so Googlers have emails [their-name]

When you create a Google Cloud Platform project, anyone with a Google account may be added to it. Whether their Google account is or an account created by their employer for them.

The only time your users will receive an email from you when you add them to a Google Cloud Platform project is if you make them project owners. This is because, ownership requires acceptance of Google's Terms of Service. Other types of users will be added without receiving an email (from Google about it) but will be able to access your project's resources.

Hope this is helpfull!!

If you want to become a professional Google Cloud Architect, Its recommended to go for the certification course first.

Thank You!!

answered Jul 30, 2020 by Niroj
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Many Thanks Bro
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Yes, you can use. Sometimes we need when we host websites on Google Cloud Platform. You can do this in different ways. I have attached one link below. You can go through that it may help you.

answered Jul 30, 2020 by MD
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Many thanks, So we can create role for every mail user. Is possible to give specific resource access on GCP?

Hello @ Lakshminarayanan,

Yes, It is possible to give specific resource access on GCP.You just need to grant the user these permissions:

1- In the main IAM page, grant the user the "Compute Viewer" and "Service Account User" roles.

2- In the VMs page, select one or more VM´s and grant the user the "Compute Instance Admin (v1)" role.

Now the user can SSH into the VM.

Note:In GCP there are Project-level and Resource-level permissions. The "Permissions" right sidebar in "Compute Engine" sets the permissions for a single resource.

Hope this is helpfull!!

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