ansible ssh and user module issue with edureka VM

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i have created a new ssh token with edureka user and copied the same to another vm which was setup as slave.
now i am trying to use the ansible user module to create a user, i see below error. | FAILED! => {
"ansible_facts": {
"discovered_interpreter_python": "/usr/bin/python3"
"changed": false,
"msg": "useradd: Permission denied.\nuseradd: cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later.\n",
"rc": 1

second time i have generated ssh token using root user and trying to copy it to slave machine using ssh-copy-id root@ip...but its asking root pasword, i have given edureka. it didnt  work


Jul 23, 2020 in Ansible by Konakanchi
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I guess you need to give your user name at the time of coping with your SSH key. Try this below command.

$ ssh-copy-id root@IP
answered Jul 23, 2020 by akhtar
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