How to use Ansible git module pull a branch with local changes

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I have made some local modifications. When I use command git pull origin master it works fine because there is no conflict.

But when I'm trying to use Ansible like git: repo=xxxx dest=xxx version={{branch}} I got error:

Local modifications exist in repository (force=no)

If I add force=yes, then I will lose my local modifications.

What can I do to keep my local changes and pull latest commit from git by using Ansible git module.

Can anyone help me with this ?

Jul 9, 2018 in Ansible by shubham
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You cannot achieve it using the git module.

Here is what happens:

Ansible checks the result of:

git status --porcelain

and aborts task execution if there are local changes in tracked files, unless force parameter is set to true.

I hope that above information would be helpful for you.

answered Jul 9, 2018 by Atul
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