How to read data in Robot framework from excel file.

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I am using DataDriver library to read the data from excel but its showing the below error.

Calling method '_start_suite' of listener 'DataDriver' failed: ImportError: Requirements (pandas, numpy) for XLS support are not installed.
    Use 'pip install -U robotframework-datadriver[XLS]' to install XLS support.3

I have already installed the library..Please let me know how to do.
May 6 in Software Testing by anonymous
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DataDriver is used/imported as Library but does not provide keywords which can be used in a test. DataDriver uses the Listener Interface Version 3 to manipulate the test cases and creates new test cases based on a Data-File that contains the data for Data-Driven Testing. These data file may be .csv , .xls or .xlsx files.

If you already have Python >= 3.6 with pip installed, you can simply run:

pip install --upgrade robotframework-datadriver

For more information on custom data driver refer to

answered May 7 by Sirajul
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You can try run "py –m pip install -U robotframework-datadriver[XLS]"
Or go to Setting/Project Interpreter and install some library:

- Panda, Pandas, Numpy, xlrd

- robotframework datadriver

- robotframework exceldatadriver

Both this is working with me
answered May 19 by anonymous
Run : pip3 install Pandas and pip3 install xlrd , it work for me.

Thank you

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