How to scroll up and down in Protractor?

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I have a scroll bar inside Window. The CSS of my scroll is '.scrollable'. I want to scroll up until the first element and scroll down until the last element, multiple times. I found the following code, but for my specific case (scroll inside the window), it doesn't help me.

browser.executeScript('window.scrollTo(0,10000);').then(function () {
            console.log('++++++SCROLLED Down+++++');

So, I replaced the window by my CSS of my scroll:

browser.executeScript('.scrollable.scrollTo(0,200);').then(function () {
            browser.executeScript('.scrollable.scrollTo(0,0);').then(function () {
Does anyone know how to solve this?
Feb 3 in Software Testing by Ingridd
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Hey what's the error you are getting?

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