Comparing data with the data in excel sheet using Selenium Webdriver

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I have written a code for registration using Data Driven Framework, and inside the main method I have written 'IF-ELSE' loop but, I am not able to write logic for comparing the email ID which I have used for registration and the data which is mentioned in excel sheet. So I want help in developing logic for writing code as mentioned:
1. I want to compare email id which I have used for registration purpose with the data in my excel sheet. If both email ID matches then it should go to the 'ELSE' loop and proceed with the login. Otherwise, it should go inside 'FOR' loop and do the registration where I have called the registration method.

If anyone is able to help me that would be of great help.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Apr 9, 2020 in Software Testing by Kunal
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Hey, @kunal,

I would suggest you go through this:

I hope this will be helpful

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