Adobe analytics integration with adobe target

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I have a question around how a typical adobe analytics and adobe target integration works and how the data connect between the two systems. Basically I don’t believe my integration is working as intended based on the follow things I experience in adobe analytics.

A customer can be part of a adobe target test without ever visiting the page of the test. Requiring additional filtering in adobe analytics to remove this visit which never make it to the a/b test page.

After a test is ended adobe analytics continues to track visits to the test after it has been ended or paused. Requiring additional filtering to make sure we only look at the correct time frames in our adobe analytics data.

I have never experienced this with any other a/b testing tool I have worked with over 5 a/b testing tools now so I really doubt this is the i
Apr 17, 2020 in Others by anonymous
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The following blog will give you a fair enough idea as to why you should use adobe analytics with adobe target and how exactly their integration works.

Check this out

Hope this helps!

answered Apr 19, 2020 by Kim

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