Parsing a string with GetOpt Long GetOptions

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I need to parse a string in the same manner as CLI arguments upon being passed to Getopt::Long. The string could have possible command line arguments that it gets by using a Read-Eval-Print-Loop program. Like say, this is my string:

$str = '--infile /tmp/infile_location --outfile /tmp/outfile'

Now, I need to have it parsed with GetOptions in order to have the scope for adding new options later.
I figured maybe splitting the string at its whitespaces and replacing @ARGV with new array could let me call GetOptions on it. So, here's how I've tried doing it so far:

my @arg_arr = split (/\s/, $input_line);

# This is done so that GetOptions reads these new arguments
@ARGV = @arg_arr;
print "ARGV is : @ARGV\n";
GetOptions (
            'infile=s'  => \$infile,
            'outfile=s' => \$outfile

But this just seems like a workaround, is there a more direct approach or a better way to do it? Please Help!

Nov 15, 2018 in Others by Bharani
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Hey, have a look at the section where it says parsing options from an arbitrary string in the man page for Getopt::Long. It seems to be doing the exact same thing you're trying to accomplish.

answered Nov 15, 2018 by nirvana
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