Email notification using SNS topic and Lambda function in AWS?

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I have my instances in AWS. I want to set notification system when my instance will stop automatically.

How can I do that?

Thank You

Apr 2 in AWS by akhtar
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You can set notification system for your instances. You can use SNS topic and Lambda function to do that.

  • Launch an EC2 instance.

  • Create one SNS topic.

  • Create IAM Role for Lambda to access SNS topic and CloudWatch logs.

  • Create Cloudwatch events to schedule.

  • Use below lambda code. 

import json
import boto3
client = boto3.client('sns')
def lambda_handler(event, context):
    topic_arn = 'arn:aws:sns:us-west-1:074796737877:Notification'
    message = 'Instance stop please look on'
    # TODO implement
    return {
        'statusCode': 200,
        'body': json.dumps('Hello from Lambda!')

Hope this will help.

Thank You

answered Apr 2 by MD
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