Generate reports using Lambda function with ses sns sqs and s3

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I have a task description about lambda function. I need to setup this one. please read below and guide me

"When ever a user tries to generate historical report from Webapp server, the request will be placed in the SQS queue. All the filters like start date, end date, status etc.., will be available in the Queue. Once the message is added in the queue it will trigger the lambda function which gets the filters in message and interacts with RDS Aurora DB Instance to fetch the data based on them. This fetched data is formatted and written to CSV file. Which is then pushed to the AWS S3 bucket. Once the file is successfully uploaded to S3 bucket, an Email is sent to the user who requested the report. AWS SES will send an email along with the CSV report URL to download it."

Oct 29, 2019 in AWS by Lakshminarayanan
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Have you find a solution? i have the same scenario if you have found the solution can you help to suggest me.



The above requirement you can't set in one attempt if you are new to this technology. You need to break your requirement. For example, first set your lambda function and try to connect to the DB instance. 

well noted @lakshminarayanan , sure i will proceed with that , can i have your email for further support if required if you dont mind.


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