How to convert a JSON String into Object in Java

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Is there any simple way in Java/J2ME to convert a String?
Jun 8, 2018 in Java by Daisy
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We can easily convert a JSON String to object.

JSONObject json = (JSONObject)new JSONParser().parse("{\"name\":\"MyNode\", \"width\":200, \"height\":100}");
System.out.println("name=" + json.get("name"));
System.out.println("width=" + json.get("width"));
answered Jun 8, 2018 by Parth
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You could probably check out Google's Gson:

Gson gson = new Gson(); // Or use new GsonBuilder().create();MyType target2 = gson.fromJson(json, MyType.class); // deserializes json into target2

You would just need to make a MyType class (renamed, of course) with all the fields in the json string. 

It might get a little more complicated when you're doing the arrays, if you prefer to do all of the parsing manually (also pretty easy) check out and download the Java source for the Json parser objects.

answered Aug 21, 2019 by Sirajul
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