Can anyone explain the git workflow?

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The basic Git workflow goes something like this:

  1. You modify files in your working tree.

  2. You selectively stage just those changes you want to be part of your next commit, which adds only those changes to the staging area.

  3. You do a commit, which takes the files as they are in the staging area and stores that snapshot permanently to your Git directory.

If a particular version of a file is in the Git directory, it’s considered committed. If it has been modified and was added to the staging area, it is staged. And if it was changed since it was checked out but has not been staged, it is modified.

answered Feb 4 by Jai
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The workflow of Git is described below

  1. First you have to initialize the folder for Git repo.

  2. After initializing create one file.

  3. Now you have to add this file in Git staging area. Here staging area works as a pointer which is used to track your folder.

  4. At the end you have to commit your file from staging area. 

Now, if you modified your file in future, then again you have to add at staging area and then commit it.

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