What is AWS EC2

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What is AWS EC2? Can you please explain with example?

Jan 27, 2020 in AWS by Hannah
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In school, when I had just started learning Linux, I had labs that provided systems with Linux OS. I’m sure none of us really had Linux on our personal laptops and neither did I. Every time I had to practice, I had to use the school labs. A similar situation occurred while learning MySql or for a matter of fact any new technology.

We wanted to concentrate on learning how to work with the technology instead of spending time on the “setting up” part. How I wish I was introduced to Amazon EC2 back then. Never knew getting Linux OS on my personal system would be as easy as launching an EC2 instance.

Developers face a very similar issue. They would rather spend their time developing instead of setting up the development environment. That’s when Instances in AWS came to their rescue. If the developers needed an environment with Linux and MySql, all they had to do was launch an instance. Honestly, Amazon provides a machine image for almost every requirement.

Instances in AWS are basically virtual environments. These virtual environments are isolated from the underlying base OS. It’s an On-demand service, i.e. a user can rent the virtual server(instances) on an hourly base and deploy their applications on it. EC2 Instances are highly scalable, meaning, you can scale up or scale down based on your requirement dynamically. Using EC2 Instances as your cloud computing environment eliminates the need to invest in hardware and software dependencies.


Hope this helps!

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answered Jan 27, 2020 by Kalgi

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