What is the difference between web design and web development

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A designer designs the web pages and a developer develops or implement the designed structure into usable form.

A web designer, typically only does the graphical part of a website, they make the layout, choose the colors, design the look and feel.

A web developer, doesn’t always understand color theory or design and things like that, their primary role is to write the code that makes everything happen, for example, when a button is clicked it might send some data to a server, your web developer would be responsible for writing the the web page code for this to happen.

That said, many designers these days are also web developers, and many developers are also designers, the job role has become more and more intertwined over the years.

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answered Jan 22, 2020 by Niroj
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Web design involves the process of designing a user interface (UI), Website layout, Frontend using different designing tools like adobe photoshop, coda, Dreamweaver, Firefox Developer.   Where web development involves backend where they use different programming languages to transform ideas & design into real life. 

answered Feb 17, 2020 by robertmcrn
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There is an enormous difference between web designing and web development.

- Web Designing

This phase is all about decorating a store with the right prospects to leave a great first impression on anyone who is visiting our digital store(Website or Mobile App) for the first time.

Web designing mostly contains the following,

  • Designs (UI/UX)
  • Usability
  • Aesthetics
  • Responsive
  • Colour Schemes
  • Content

After completion of these areas, we are done with the visual appearance of our mobile/web or software application or website for the web and then comes the second phase to leverage.

-  Web Development

Backend Developers play a vital role in this, to concrete the foundation of our digital product, and this part contains the following aspects.

  • Authentic Database Tech
  • Power the Frontend
  • Navigation
  • Testing Base of Project
  • API Integration
  • Operating Systems

This is the difference between web design and web development.

answered Feb 19, 2020 by nathanmckinley
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Web design governs everything involved with the visual aesthetics and usability of a website—color scheme, layout, information flow, and everything else related to the visual aspects of the UI/UX (user interface and user experience). Some common skills and tools that distinguish the web designer from the web developer are:


Web development governs all the code that makes a website tick. It can be split into two categories—front-end and back-end. The front-end or client-side of an application is the code responsible for determining how the website will actually display the designs mocked up by a designer. The back-end or server-side of an application is responsible for managing data within the database and serving that data to the front-end to be displayed. As you may have guessed, it’s the front-end developer’s job that tends to share the most overlap with the web designer. 

answered Feb 20, 2020 by Akashraj
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Web design

Think about web designers as those who transform an idea, or a story, into a visually appealing design, and use their layout to build the user experience throughout the whole website. They design the website’s look and feel. As an architect would create a plan of your house prior to start building it, similarly a web designer would model the layout of your website before a web developer can start developing it.

These are some of the main roles of a web designer:

  • Using software tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Framer, or Sketch to build the final layout design of the website
  • Have good skills in graphic design and logo design
  • Have a good feel for user experience, to identify the simplest approach possible to attain the desired function. This includes the layout, buttons, images and the general format of the website.
  • Web designers need to keep themselves up to date with the latest design trends. It’s also important to keep design consistency that is made popular from other web giant companies, such as Google, and Facebook. This makes the website environment and interface easier to navigate and use, as it is already familiar to the users eyes.
  • Web designers have to also keep in mind the branding of the website, colour palettes to be used, and the typography and readability of the website.

Web development

Think about web developers as those who turn the designs into a live website. Web developers uses web languages and software tools to develop the design and functionality of a website. Notice, that web developers are further split into two sub-categories; front-end developers, and back-end developers. I see front-end developers as the connection between both web designers and back-end developers, as having a little knowledge of both, would allow a front-end developer to build a fully working website. A front-end developer is the one who builds the interface, and provides the layout as the interaction between the back-end of the website and the user.

Here are some of the main roles of a web developer:

  • Building the actual interface through which a user interacts with the website. This interface is built by front-end developers using HTML, CSS, and JS languages.
  • Front-end developers can use styling preprocessors, javascript libraries, and frameworks to fasten the process of development.
  • Front-end developers provide the markup design to back-end developers, so they can implement a dynamic website, and submit all the required data on the server and databases.
  • Back-end developers create the backbone of the website using languages such as PHP and MySQL.
  • Both front-end and back-end developers can use the same development environments or IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). These are software application tools where you code and build the structure of the website.
  • Web developers may also use versioning tools to keep a history of the previous builds. This will help them to quickly and effortlessly move back to a previous “unbroken” version if required to do so.
answered Feb 26, 2020 by Imran
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Web Designing means the designing portion of the websites using the HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. On the other hand, web development means to implement the functionality of the websites.
answered Jul 29, 2020 by GurwinderKaur
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A web designer is a graphic artist who develops and styles objects for the Internet. Website designers are able to tap into their creative energy and design the overall layout and look for websites.

A web developer is one that develops applications and functionality for the Internet. It is rare to find a web developer that knows every programming language; web developers usually just focus on a few languages. Typically one developer will focus on the front end programming of a site using HTML, CSS and JavaScript while another developer will focus on server side programming like PHP, Java, Ruby, and .NET.

answered Sep 2, 2020 by prity
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Web design is a matter of creating the overall aesthetic of the site, but it is more than that. It includes branding, image creation, and imbibing elements that encourage the user to stay loyal to the brand.

Web development is the process of bringing that entire aesthetic to life. The visual elements are combined with proper codes and the site is transformed into a useful product. And even though these are two different domains within the world of web development, it is still necessary for designers to have some knowledge of web development and for designers to have basic web design knowledge.
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Web designer : he is the person who is responsible for creating the design for UI of the website. He is not concerned how the backed coding is done which process data but his work is to write code to give a website a appearance. He is also responsible for making logos or other graphic design. The language mostly used by him are HTML/CSS for UI coding. Photoshop/Corel Draw/Illustrator etc. for making graphics.

Web Developer : He is a person that works in shadow. i.e his work has nothing to do with the UI, he is responsible for back end coding and making its reaction for the user. E.g when user enter his info on web page his data is stored in database, making the website a secure version, controlling the traffic of website not letting it overload on many usage etc. The language involved is mostly HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Php, MySQL etc(There are many language where user can work).
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The main job of a web designer is to create or imagine such an interface that could catch the attention of the users and the interface should be logical, which means it could be implemented by the web developers. Like a web Developer a web designer does not need to have expert knowledge of web sites working or building they just need to design a web site which could attract more users to their web site, however, they should have prior knowledge of how the web sites work and is it possible to create the web site which they are designing right now.
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