Should I have a NAT gateway in each AZ

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Since NAT gateway only have redundancy within a single Availability Zone(AZ), if I want to have a public/private pair of subnets in every AZ for the purpose of multi-AZ redundancy, should I have a NAT gateway in every AZ or I shouldn't?
Otherwise, if I have only one NAT, if the AZ goes down, all the subnets in all AZs go down with it, thus defeating the purpose of this multi-AZ deployment.
Jun 4, 2018 in AWS by Cloud gunner
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Yes, in this case, you have to have one NAT Gateway as per Availability Zone (AZ).

It's stated in AWS Documents. A single NAT Gateway in a single AZ has redundancy within that AZ only, so if there are any zonal issues then instances in other AZs would have no connection to the route and they'll be totally non-functional.

answered Jun 4, 2018 by Flying geek
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