How to store uploaded files in the S3 bucket when using elastic beanstalk (PHP App)

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I have setup an environment using devops concept in AWS. Following tools are used for integration and deploy;

AWS codecommit, Elastic Beanstalk (Web App- PHP), rds-mysql and also used a code pipeline, its working fine.

We have an option in the web app to upload photos to there profile (keeps on upload folder in the app root directory ) and use this photo in profile view page.

I want to store and access this uploaded photos in the S3 bucket, how can I do it? Please help us.
Oct 18, 2019 in AWS by anonymous
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Hey! You can just use S3 are your application's storage. So by default, every image will be saved on that S3 bucket and then you access the S3 bucket objects to access those images.
answered Oct 18, 2019 by Kalgi
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Thanks for your reply,

how to set s3 bucket as Elastic Beanstalk environment application storage?

I had deployed in following way;

First I created Codecommit repository for developers for pushing code

next created a Elastic Beanstalk PHP environment  and RDS Mysql database.

Then created a CI/CD Pipeline with source 'CodeCommit' and Deploy 'Elastic Beanstalk'

In this case where should I integrate S3 bucket as application storage, Please help us...

Yes! Create an S3 bucket and attach it to your Elastic Beanstalk application. Have a look at this:

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