python code for email notification after codedeploy is successful

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i wanna see if this is possible, based on codedeploy status event send email to recipient list.
Oct 11, 2019 in DevOps on Cloud by Rishi
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If you are looking specifically for python code to have a trigger that sends a notification, then I think you can use the Lambda function with codedeploy and SNS.

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Hey @Rishi, you can create a trigger in CodeDeply and use the SNS service for sending an email to a particular domain. 

  • Go to CodeDeploy and choose Applications
  • Select the application for which you'd like to add the trigger for.
  • On the application detail section click on edit
  • expand advanced - optional
  • Choose trigger in the trigger section
  • Add the trigger name, event type(when the trigger is supposed to send a notification using SNS)
  • In SNS create a topic
  • and finally, click on create trigger.
answered Oct 11, 2019 by Kalgi
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@kalgi yep that is doable. I was more interested in if anhyone has done it through python as i want to do it for like 100+ applications dynamically.

based on event deployment_success & deployment_failure.
Then as @jack suggested, the best option for you would be using Lambda functions. Are you okay with using Lambda? Are you aware of how lamda functions work?
yes i am aware how lambda functions work.i am wondering how you would manage the recipient lists through lambda functions?
So basically what happens is you can only send an email to one domain through one topic. You can create a group of email ids and publish the topic to that one domain(email's group). In the lambda function, you'll only have to mention the domain of the group.

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