How to use specific node version for yarn setup in AWS deployment

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I have used yarn and webpacker for react setup in existing rails app. However I am getting setup failed in AWS deployment with following error.

Webpacker requires Node.js >= 6.0.0 and you are using 0.10.48

I have added cookbook receipe for Yarn. On each deployment it is looking through cookbook receipe. How can I use specific node verion on yarn receipe?

Jul 20, 2018 in DevOps on Cloud by Hannah
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You should be able to set your Node version by overwriting the appropriate attribute.

Step 1-Create a custom cookbook for your project

Step 2- Create a opsworks_nodejs/attributes/customize.rb file.

Step 3- Set the following in that file

                    normal[:opsworks_nodejs][:version] = '6.0.0'

This has worked for me in the past (a couple years ago) - there's been some shift since then but it still should be the same...

answered Jul 20, 2018 by Kalgi
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