Is it possible to migrate EIP to another AWS account If yes how

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Is it possible to migrate EIP to another AWS account? If yes, how?
Oct 9, 2019 in AWS by Hannah
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Yes, it is possible to move an elastic IP address across accounts. All you have to do is provide AWS with the IP address, the current account number, and the target account. They also need written confirmation from both AWS accounts confirming the transfer requests. This means that the source account has to log a case requesting them to move the IP address to the target account. The target account must also log a separate case requesting them to accept the new IP address which has been moved from the source account. For a detailed, You can even check out the details with the AWS Course.

answered Oct 9, 2019 by Neel
Sorry for the question, but where on AWS website can I do that? How can I provide an IP address? I didn't find such an option on the Elastic IP console.
I think you have to open a support case and after confirming by amazon you can do this.

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