Is it possible to stop nodes in AWS ElastiCache cluster

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I have an AWS account which is used for development.

Because the developers are in one timezone, we switch off the resources after hours to conserve usage.

Is it possible if I temporarily switch off nodes in elasticache cluster? all I found in cli reference was 'delete cluster':

Jun 21, 2018 in AWS by Luke cage
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At this time there is not a way to STOP and EMR cluster in the same sense you can with EC2 instances. The EMR cluster uses instance-store volumes and the EC2 start/stop feature relies on the use of EBS volumes which are not appropriate for high-performance, low-latency HDFS utilization.

The best way to simulate this behavior is to store the data in S3 and then just ingest as a start up step of the cluster then save back to S3 when done.

Documentation Reference:

Hope it helps.


If you want to maintain the same dns, you can use the API/CLI to update the elastic cluster.


answered Jun 21, 2018 by Flying geek
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