Reading PDF file from Azure blob storage

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can we read  PDF content  from blob storage by directly  using   the Path name,

ex :https://hostedPath/pdf/mypdfpdf?
language used :c#
Jun 2, 2018 in Azure by MISHA
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URL can passed to the blob only when its access modifier is set to public
Example : Embed a html link or image :
<a href="">Press Enter</a>

note :
Blob are private container by default so,change the container permissions during its creation so as to make it public .

Follow the code :

var blobStruser = storageAccount.CreateCloudBlobClient();
var container = blobStruser.GetContainerReference("pdf");
var permission = container.GetPermissions();
permission.PublicAccess = BlobContainerPublicAccessType.Container;

answered Jun 5, 2018 by graci
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For pdf reading and manipulating Itextsharp libraby is fine.

For extracting text from pdf see this

answered Aug 17, 2018 by Priyaj
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