How do Connect to Azure website via FTP

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I am trying to connect to my website via FTP with the credentials taht i use to login to my azure account, but i could not connect.
Can anyone tell me which credentials I have to use here to connect to muy FTP site which is shown on the dashboard?
Apr 13, 2018 in Azure by null_void
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It's just simple. Follow the below steps:
1. Login to your Azure portal.
2. Set the deployment credentials: Goto- App Services > Select a preferred option > In App Deployment section Select DEPLOYMENT CREDENTIALS > Enter new dredentials> Save

Note: You need to make sure that you are specifying siteName\userName as your Login name (siteName is strictly required)

FYI: The default directory for any web content is "\site\wwwroot" which can be set as the initial directory for many FTP clients.

answered Apr 13, 2018 by club_seesharp
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