How do I establish an connection to Azure IoT Hub Say a connection like MQTT AMQP using Python

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Azure IoT Hub comes with 3 SDK's:

  1. Service SDK
  2. Device SDK
  3. Edge SDK

We can Establish Connection to Azure IoT Hub with MQTT,AMQP,HTTPS Protocols.

Sample Code:

#import iothub_client
from iothub_client import *

#confirmation_callback of the message
def send_confirmation_callback(message, result, userContext):
    print "Confirmation[%d] received for message with result = %s" % (userContext, result)

def receive_message_callback(message, counter):
    buffer = message.get_bytearray()
    size = len(buffer)
    print "Received Message"
    print "    Data: <<<%s>>> & Size=%d" % (buffer[:size], size)
    return IoTHubMessageDispositionResult.ACCEPTED

#ConnectionString and Protocol here we have given MQTT you can give HTTPS/AMQP insted of MQTT
#Example: iotHubClient = IoTHubClient(connectionString, IoTHubTransportProvider.AMQP)

iotHubClient = IoTHubClient(connectionString, IoTHubTransportProvider.MQTT)

iotHubClient.set_message_callback(receive_message_callback, 0)

#sends messages Asynchronously to IoT Hub instance
iotHubClient.send_event_async(message, send_confirmation_callback, 0)
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You can consult the following link:-
This deals with the entire process in brief
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