How to get a job as an RPA developer

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I am a fresher and I want to pursue a career in RPA. So can anyone suggest me how can I get a job as an RPA Developer?
Sep 3, 2019 in Career Counselling by Aniket
Any specific reasons for choosing RPA?

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Hi Aniket, if you are a fresher and want to pursue a career in RPA, then you should first decide which specific tool you want to learn in order to get a job. Currently, the best tools for RPA in the market are:

  • UiPath Studio
  • Automation Anywhere
  • BluePrism
  • WorkFusion
  • Pega, etc
So, choose which tool you want to learn. Though in my experience UiPath provides best training documentation for beginners and also has a free Community Edition of their tool, which isn't provided by any other RPA tools. You can take the help of UiPath academy and online videos to teach yourself worflow development in UiPath. You can also checkout these courses to become a master in RPA:
After getting a decent knowledge of any of these RPA tools and creating a few automation bots of your own, you can start looking for jobs in RPA domain. Now an RPA developer can have these 3 main roles in the industry:
  • Process Designer – They are responsible for understanding the current process and monitor the changes that happen after implementing the feedback during development or testing phase.
  • Automation Architect – An Automation Architect builds the RPA project using the RPA tooling to solve real-world problems. They convert the business requirements into automation workflows.
  • Production Manager – Production Manager ensures that the processes are being triggered and all the exceptions are handled when the project is rolled into the production.
Once, you decide for which role you want to apply for, start applying for that role in all the companies having that job opportunity and prepare yourself for the interview. Have a clear idea about your sample workflows which you have created and basics of the tool which you have learnt. For sample questions, checkout this thread: 
answered Sep 5, 2019 by Abha
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Hey @Aniket,

Work on your skills, work on projects. If you do not have any knowledge or experience, you can start off taking a RPA Developer course.

Working with real-time projects will really help in getting a job in this domain.

answered Sep 10, 2019 by Haseeb

edited Jun 28, 2023 by Khan Sarfaraz
Source to apply for internship in RPA as a fresher...

Hello @Vicky,

Internshala is the best place to look for an internship. Other than this there are also other websites when internships are get posted.

If you are a fresher then starting doing an internship is the best decision to take. Look for a small company for an internship, they will help you to learn a lot.

Hope it helps you!!

Thank You!!

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