Does puppet help when all my servers are one of a kind

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My organisation has all unique servers. How can I maintain a concistency, will Puppet still be useful?
Jul 30, 2019 in Puppet by Sara

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Indeed, Puppet can help.

  • All servers are in any event fairly novel, yet not many servers are one of a kind; Servers have names and IP addresses (e.g.) that will consistently vary, however about each server runs a generally standard working framework. 

  • Servers are regularly fundamentally the same as different servers inside a single organisation — all Solaris servers may have comparable security settings, or all web servers may have generally equal designs — regardless of whether they're altogether different from servers in different associations.

  • Finally, servers are often needlessly unique, in that they have been built and managed manually with no attempt at retaining appropriate consistency.

  • Puppet can help both in favor of consistency and uniqueness. 

  • Puppet can be utilized to express the consistency that should exist, even if that consistency spans arbitrary sets of servers based on any data like operating system, data centre, or physical location. 

  • Regardless Puppet can be utilized to deal with uniqueness, either by permitting the extraordinary arrangement of what makes a given host interesting or through determining exemptions to generally standard classes.

answered Jul 30, 2019 by Sirajul
• 59,230 points

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